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Terms and Conditions:

Welcome to Edgertonz! We value transparency and want you to have a clear understanding of our policies and practices. By accessing our website and using our services, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

Information Accuracy: While we make every effort to verify the information provided on our website, brochures, and promotional materials, please note that such information does not constitute a contractual offer. It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of any information provided by Edgertonz, its agents, associates, or employees.

Availability Disclaimer: Although we strive to keep our website, brochures, and promotional materials up to date, we cannot guarantee the availability of specific properties at the time of your inquiry or viewing. Prices may fluctuate, and properties may become unavailable without prior notice.

Third-Party Services: Any services recommended by Edgertonz, such as finance, mortgages, insurance, currency exchange, legal and tax advice, are provided in good faith. However, agreements with third-party service providers are solely between you and the service provider, and Edgertonz bears no liability for such agreements or services.

Currency Exchange Rates: Please be aware that currency fluctuations may impact the price you pay for a property. We advise seeking professional assistance when transferring money abroad.

Business Liability: Edgertonz acts as an introducing agent and does not accept liability for any losses incurred during property purchase attempts or transactions.

Measurements, Tenure & Usage: Property details provided by Edgertonz are subject to survey, and it is your responsibility to confirm the accuracy of such information. Planning consents, licenses, title, and tenure are also your responsibility to verify.

Viewing & Travel: Contracts for travel, accommodation, legal, and estate agency services are between you and the service provider. Edgertonz recommends reputable providers but is not liable for any losses resulting from such recommendations.

Associated Companies' Actions: Edgertonz is not responsible for the actions of associated persons or companies.

Finance & Investment Advice: Any investment or financial advice provided by Edgertonz is for guidance only. Professional advice is recommended for property purchases.

Disputes: Property disputes shall be resolved according to the laws of the country where the property is located.

Member of Professional Bodies: Edgertonz is a member of professional bodies promoting ethical business practices in the real estate industry.

Insurance: It is advisable to arrange comprehensive insurance when traveling abroad. Edgertonz accepts no liability for losses or damages during viewing trips.

Website Content: All content on Edgertonz websites is the property of Edgertonz and may not be used without consent.

Deposits: Deposits are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed. Edgertonz is not liable for deposit refunds or payments agreed with agents or developers.

Tax Liability: Tax liability on property profits or income is the responsibility of the vendor.

Data Policy: By registering with Edgertonz, you consent to the sharing of personal data with associated overseas companies and developers for property purchase assistance.

Additional Services: Edgertonz does not provide additional services such as NIE numbers, bank accounts, or immigration advice.

Agents and Third-Party Introducers: Edgertonz does not accept liability for statements or terms made by third-party introducers.

Thank you for reviewing our Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email info@penninekennedy.com or contact us form.
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Last Updated: 04 Apr 2024

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